Welcome to Diverse Reflections: the 100+ Mirrors of Inclusivity – A photographic journey through the immense beauty and complexity of human diversity.

To mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), our very own people are the protagonists of the stunning artist portraitures on display, a celebration of the absolute value of individuality that each person intrinsically holds.

One hundred Amazonians have put their faces and their prized testimonials forward as a testament to the important value of inclusion and the inalienable right of fully expressing oneself in all walks of life.

Here's some of them:

· I can surely call myself an introvert, but when it comes to DEI topics I never back down. I have always been out and proud in the workplace, and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in my day-to-day life: to be able to help even one person feel safe and reassured that it is absolutely ok to be who they really are, that’s the most gratifying accomplishment I can think of. Amazon is definitely a place where being who you really are is encouraged and valued.

· My name is Eliana, I am 43 years old (13 of which have been spent at Amazon) and to everyone I have always been a 'somewhat peculiar type'. I was the one who in the 90s went on holiday to London in August to experience a freedom of thought and behaviour that was unimaginable in Italy at the time ("but does it seem like a holiday, in London?"), the one with coloured hair - when coloured hair was for questionable people ("but does it seem like the way to go around dressed up?"), the one who played hockey in a men's team, who drove go-karts and was crazy about Formula 1 ("but can't you do a normal sport like everyone else? Something more feminine maybe"), the one who graduated in languages because she had a dream ("to eat you have to study something more practical!"), the one who didn't follow fashion, the one who listened to unknown music, the one with the "original" friends at the skatepark...in short, the STRANGE one. I would be honoured to participate in this project as I have always made a boast of my 'diversity' and never believed it was something to be hidden, on the contrary. And what better than a photograph to pass on an emotion, what better than the LGBTQ+ community to remind us that we are all "different" in our own way (thankfully!), that we have a right to be so and that it can only be of value to the world.

· I am the father of a little girl and a little boy and I would like them to have a future where they are free to choose. Free to be.

· We are all unique and this is precious! As we're all different, we all belong.

· Being an ally is about standing up for what is right, promoting love and acceptance, and working towards a future where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination. As a mum of two young boys, I hope for a future where inclusion and acceptance are not just talking points but are deeply integrated in society. I dream a world where my sons grow up knowing that love knows no boundaries and that embracing diversity is not only the right thing to do but also the norm. By being an ally today, I am laying the foundation for a tomorrow where future generations can live authentically and without fear of discrimination, where love and acceptance reign supreme.

· When I started my career in IT, I was one of the few women. Now things are changing, but there is still a long way to go towards a more inclusive world.

· I am grateful for Amazon's commitment to workplace diversity. It's incredibly empowering to work for a company that encourages everyone to be themselves. Knowing that we're all valued, regardless of background, fills me with pride and allows me to feel free to express myself. Amazon's firm stance against discrimination creates a strong sense of belonging, and inspires the kind of innovation and collaboration that makes us all stronger together.

· I decided to take part in the Glamazon event as I am convinced that advocating for important causes is crucial for enhancing our world. It represents the most effective means to create a lasting positive impact and to ensure we leave the world in a better state than when we arrived.

· I am Ilaria, and I am now more than half a century old. For as long as I can remember I have been an ally. I was an ally when the word was not yet used, when I did not even know what homophobia meant. I was an ally when, at 13, I was studying the story of Oscar Wilde, incredulous at a sentence of hard labour, just for love. I was allied when one of my best friends told me 'I am in love with a boy'. Talk about love, joy, happiness!!! If we think about it, it is so simple, almost banal: the words homophobia and transphobia contain the word phobia. So, I would like to put my face to it, and ask just this: what are you afraid of? How can it be that someone's love for someone can make you afraid? Do you really think it will take anything away from you? Love is love. Full stop.

· One of the most beautiful things at Amazon is the strength with which we unite every day and fight against intolerances, injustice and diversity, for a more inclusive workplace, but also and above all for a better world! And this is why I wanted to join this important project and "put my face on it!".

· Discrimination, with its subtle but unfortunately still pervasive presence, can take on multiple facets, generating interconnected oppressions that target sexual orientation, gender, race, disability or social class, to name a few. Having personally experienced at different stages of my life some of these injustices and, above all, knowing how much they can hurt, I want to try to make my contribution to the creation of a world free of discrimination, where the individuality and origins of each person are respected, nourished by the hope of a fair and just world. Not only do I look forward to the day when these symbols of inequality will collapse, making way for a more inclusive and welcoming world for all where one will have the freedom to be who one is without feeling the need to apologise, feel ashamed or -even worse- have to be afraid, but I try to make my contribution to make it happen. Because no matter how hard it is, what matters is not to give up and to go on, always, with the awareness that patriarchy, homophobia, ableism, classism, can also be dismantled day after day with gentle and constant revolutions made of words, of listening, of empathy, of sharing experiences or, why not... even with a photograph. And that is why, today, I am taking part in this initiative.

· I dream a world where diversity isn't just embraced, but celebrated, like these portraits do. Differences should be the essence of richness in life.

· For years I battled the idea that my bisexuality was just a part of me, something to remove or hide like a file on a computer. Unintentionally, I trapped myself in a black-and-white world, losing sight of the shades in between. But then, I came out, inspired by others living freely. Their courage helped me embrace all aspects of myself. Now, I proudly accept who I am. I feel empowered by the vibrant stories around me, determined to support those still finding their voice.

· To annoy the homophobes

· Be part of the project to give my contribution in promoting diversity/inclusion

· I've chosen to participate in this Glamazon event because I firmly believe that championing causes is essential for improving our world. It's the most impactful way to leave a positive mark and make our world better than we found it.

· Gandhi said, "We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change”. The inner work we should do is paramount, but we can not wait others to take actions or we will wait forever. In those pictures I see our plurality as human beings actively working towards a renovated future.

· As an openly gay professional, I believe by joining this initiative I can inspire others to embrace their identities and speak out against injustice, fostering a sense of solidarity and empowerment within the LGBTQ+ community at Amazon and beyond.

· You can be a minority, and yet sustain your identity, live your faith, and contribute to the common good.

· Fostering inclusivity within the workplace is essential, as it allows individuals like myself, who have faced challenges in revealing aspects of their identity, to openly embrace their diversity. Coming from a background as both a second-generation migrant and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I've experienced firsthand the power of inclusive environments in nurturing acceptance and growth. Through this journey, I've learned to love and celebrate my diversity, and I'm grateful to work for a company that encourages me to shine authentically.

· I'm doing it for you, Mati. At home, you will always be free. Beyond our doorstep, we will continue to fight for a better world - where you can grow feeling at home.

· As a hetero woman, I have always felt committed to be an active alley and stand up for diversity, equality and inclusion! And I am proud to be in Amazon, since it is committed in empowering the LGBTQ+ community at Amazon and beyond.

· Because, as Charles Evans Hughes said, it is when we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.

· Because I want to show that we are all unique and wonderfully different! Listening to and celebrating what is different makes us wiser, more inclusive and better as an organisation.

· I've decided to join because it speaks to my belief in inclusivity and celebrating diversity. By showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Amazonian family, I can contribute to a cause close to my heart, making a powerful statement about acceptance and love.

· I think supporting diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a strategic advantage and, last but not least...it's fun! When I joined Amazon, my teammates had a degree in Criminology, Psychology, Literature, they were 10 years older or younger: their diverse perspectives were a treasure to me and to the company, that was able to reflect the diverse market that it served!

· As an AWS employee and member of Glamazon, my decision to participate in this photo project is a powerful statement of my commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. By lending my voice and visibility, I am helping to amplify diverse experiences, create a more welcoming and affirming environment, and inspire others to celebrate the LGBTQ+ experience. This is an opportunity for me to share my authentic self, connect with my community, and be a force for positive change - a testament to my values and my commitment to making AWS, Glamazon, and the world a better place for all.

· As a lesbian woman and a transfeminist activist, I am deeply committed to LGBTQIA+ rights. Representation is crucial in our fight for equality and that’s why I’m eager to join this project. Growing up, I struggled with the lack of diverse voices in the media and society and now, especially since I have a partner who has a daughter, I deeply understand the impact that visibility has in shaping the reality around us and its narrative. By participating, I aim to amplify LGBTQIA+ voices and challenge stereotypes. People fear what they do not know, so here we are: these are our faces, these are our stories.

· I'm excited to be part of this project because I believe we should celebrate human diversity and promote inclusivity.

· Inclusion and diversity contribute to a more peaceful, lively and productive environment. This is why I decided to put my face.

· Inclusion plays a crucial role for the future and this is not just a trend. Innovation, creativity, productivity come from different perspectives and different backgrounds. We have to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, building a sustainable environment for all.

· I decided to join this initiative because I am a strong advocate of inclusion and I believe in diversity as synonymous with enrichment. I hope one day I’ll be working in a company where such values are part of the company culture and guide as solid foundation daily interactions among members. As part of this community, I feel the duty to support any initiative aimed to create awareness and facilitate growth towards a common improvement.

· I love and support this fantastic project because it is a blend of individual excellence. Inclusion is about ensuring everyone feels valued and respected in society. Photography breaks barriers, challenges stereotypes, and promotes inclusivity by showcasing diversity. It captures light to evoke emotions, set mood, and convey meaning. Emotions are the essence of photography, capturing a range from joy to sorrow. Through light and emotions, photography becomes a tool for storytelling. By combining light, emotions, and inclusion, photographers create powerful images that celebrate diversity, challenge biases, and foster empathy. This intersection showcases the potential of photography as a tool for social change and understanding. I'm glad to contribute my face to it.

· To explain why I decided to join this initiative, I'll use this quote: “Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make every day. As leaders, we have to put out the message that we embrace and not just tolerate diversity.” – Nellie Borrero (Managing Director, Senior Strategic Advisor – Global Inclusion & Diversity at Accenture)

· I choose to be an active ally and participate in Glamazon events because I believe in standing up for causes, even if they don't directly impact me. Over the years, I've witnessed numerous injustices affecting my loved ones, and turning a blind eye has never been an option for me. Sometimes, just having one person's support can change someone's life, and I want to be that support for as many people as possible. When we all stand together and support each other, change will happen faster. WE ARE ONE.

· I choose to be part of this initiative because it offers a platform to actively support inclusivity and diversity within the workplace. By participating in this exhibition, I hope to contribute to amplifying marginalized voices and showcasing the vibrant spectrum of identities within the company. The involvement of these many Amazonians demonstrates a commitment to fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, valued and respected, thereby promoting a culture of acceptance and understanding. Thank you, Francesco, for organizing it! S."

· Nobody feels involved until it's their turn. I've joined this project since I strong believe in the fight against discrimination, hate and violence; I'm just not able to say that it is not my business.

· Sometimes even the smallest actions can make a difference: different faces, same humans.

· At beginning of my career I started working in a company which did not make me feel comfortable - for the first time in my life - about topics like gender equality (then translated for example into salary gap and access to growth possibilities). This was the main reason to look for a new reality that really represented and personified values of inclusion, respect and diversity (not just on paper). ...and here we are at Amazon, could not be prouder of the decision I took 4 years ago: I can say today I feel part of a community that continues to challenge itself to become more and more inclusive. This initiative, together with Dress Your Story initiative concluded in Feb'24, is just the mirror of a culture spread at any level, team and function.

· In explaining reason why I took part to this project I would echo my (many) colleagues saying that I felt the urgency to support diversity and inclusion (also putting my face) - and this project seems doing it very well, by celebrating the uniqueness of each of us.

· It took me quite some time to put into words why I decided to participate, but the only conclusion I had is "just" that I was really inspired by the project and I wanted to contribute to it. It simply came naturally, a one-second decision, as it aligns with both mine and Amazon's commitment towards an inclusive workplace. As everyone of us, I definitely also have some personal stories behind this, but I'll leave my face talk for it.

· I was born and raised in a normal family. I had what most people would define a normal childhood with loving parents and a brother. Growing up I realized there was something different in me and I struggled with my own identity until I was ready to come out to my loved ones, embracing my true self and my love and affection for a man. I was lucky to be born and raised in an open and accepting family that supported me since day 0 in my constant quest for happiness and self-realization of my own identity. Amazon played an important role in my coming out process, it helped me understanding I was indeed normal in my own sexual orientation and that I could thrive as a professional regardless of background, sexual orientation, race or gender norms. I am proud to be part of glamazon and to have many colleagues and friends acting as true allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

· Diversity is freedom, diversity is richness, diversity is happiness, and I decided to participate to "What's your story" because it's a wonderful expression of all this.

· In high school, my closest friend faced challenges due to their connection to the LGBTQ+ community. I couldn't tolerate the prejudice then, and I won't tolerate it now. I'll always champion diversity, as it makes us unique and I am great fan of embracing our identities. Amazon is making it happen!

· I want to support inclusiveness in all its form. It is crucial to fight together your beloved ones' battles also if they do not directly impact yourself.

· I still haven't made up with that part of me that defines me that creates a clear label to expose. There are many reasons for this, the past creates barriers, experience amplifies them, and although I can sometimes see myself, I often prefer not to define myself and simply live myself. I am a wife, a mother, a woman first and foremost, who dresses and disguises herself with this or that role but is not defined by any of them in particular, but by a good mix of all. However, I certainly know what I am not. I know my values, the values with which two parents from a very tough era between two wars raised me. I know that I do not judge a book by a cover, a person by how they dress, or even less by who they love or how they perceive their being. I know that I am not frightened by those in front of me of their way of living, of loving to be loved. I know that judging, or wanting to believe that I am in the right by not accepting love in all its forms and ways of being expressed and experienced, is too great a right to be exercised, so I observe, try to understand but above all to live and feed on the feeling that is around me without considering to whom it is addressed, how it is expressed but only if it is addressed and expressed with total respect for the other person or a different thought. In life we change everything, even too much, we grow, we discover ourselves and if it is true, as they say, that love is a discovery then I want to discover that I live in a world where anyone can feel free to express themselves, to be experienced, understood, loved but never discriminated against or judged. Against prejudice, free to express myself.

· I embrace this project because inclusion and diversity are very important values for me and I love the idea of showcasing the unique beauty of each participants through these stunning b/w portraits. Among the things I appreciate more about Amazon are the firm belief and the actual practice of these values. I'm leaving the company after more than 12 years: I grew up here not only as a professional but also as a human being, thanks to all the diverse people I met and always feeling included and including others."

· Even if I am new member of this Company, I really appreciate Amazon's dedication to workplace diversity. The reason why I decided to participate to this programme is because I've always felt committed to take an active role supporting inclusion, equality, and diversity, and to remember to everyone that first of all we are ALL#Human.

· From the moment I joined Amazon, I was struck by the company's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I felt welcomed and celebrated for my unique identity, at the point that it was not even a common topic of discussion. Being part of Glamazon affinity group has only strengthened this sense of belonging, as I've witnessed the warm reception and widespread allyship that surrounds our initiatives. Seeing the genuine enthusiasm and support for the LGBTQ+ community at Amazon has inspired me to get involved more deeply. That's why I'm honored to be one of the individuals photographed as part of this impactful project. By lending my voice and image to this cause, I hope to further the message of equality, self-expression, and unapologetic authenticity that Amazon has contributed to strengthen in me from day one. This initiative allows me to be visible and proud, serving as a testament to the inclusive environment that Amazon fosters.

· As an ally and a mom, I wholeheartedly support this initiative, aiming to inspire my daughters and future generations to embrace diversity, equality and compassion in all forms of human expression.

· I chose to participate to this project to embrace our uniqueness and celebrating the beauty of individuality. As a mother, I believe that teaching my tree children about diversity and inclusion is crucial. It's not just about accepting others' differences but also celebrating them. By instilling these values early on, I hope to contribute positively to a better world where freedom to be who you are and love who you choose is a fundamental human right.

· I took part in the project because i am firmly convinced that diversity is enrichment and we must find the right tools to celebrate everyone in their uniqueness

· Actions speak louder than words: that is why I decided to put my face on it and support the LGBTIQA+ community which I am an alley of. I believe that joining this initiative can inspire other colleagues to speak out against injustice and biases.

· We are very lucky we live in a world where inclusivity matters, so I want to be part of it.

· I backed this project because I struggle to comprehend the existence of concepts like homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and all forms of hate toward others. It perplexes me why we must coin specific terms to describe such reprehensible ideas. Let's advocate for love over hate :)

· When I first joined Amazon Logistics, one day one of my direct reports said during our 1:1 conversation: "This is the first time in my life I feel safe to share my relationship status with my colleagues. I let my colleagues meet my boyfriend, and I'm so happy I do not need to hide anymore (out of fear). As a gay man in the south of Italy, now that I work for Amazon I am finally in a safe and inclusive work environment, where I can openly be myself and get the level of respect and support we all deserve". This definitely was my proudest moment as a Manager in AMZL Operations. The inclusive work environment Amazon worked so hard to establish is, without any doubts, the number one reason why I love working for AMZL and I would never want to leave.

· I chose to participate to this project to stand up for inclusivity in a world that often talks about inclusivity but fails to act on it. I often recognize I am the first one to think and act based on the same biases I try to fight. While discussions around inclusivity are prevalent, true change requires in-depth discussion, interiorization, action and commitment. By joining this initiative, I aim to be part of a proactive movement within my workplace that fosters real thinking to drive actions that speak louder than words. I want to give my contribution in dismantling barriers, challenging biases and creating opportunities for all individuals, because I experienced myself how real inclusion can make our lives better and make people live at their full potential.

· I've decided to join the project because I believe in supporting the cause and to show ourselves in all our differences. it's important that we, as Amazonian, keep pursuing the idea of being united by the acceptance of ourselves.

· Growing up in the Italian province and the American Midwest, I was exposed to environments which are not exactly the epitome of open-mindedness and inclusion. That never sat right with me. Moving to Milan, I knew I had a lot of catching up to do. Ever since then, I pledged myself to listen, learn and understand. Within Amazon I found the perfect environment to continue doing just that, and that's why I am proudly supporting this initiative. Thank you for your commitment to providing and protecting an environment where everyone is able to stay true to one's self, that's when we shine the most!

· I like this project: I believe that photography is a beautiful art because it can easily represent subjects that are difficult to explain in words. In a world that aims for conformity, even in the aesthetic appearance of people, I like to think that through the photos of 100 different faces, we can understand how each one of us is unique and precious because of our differences.

· I opted to engage in this initiative to champion inclusivity in a world that frequently discusses it without taking action. Daily, we come together to combat intolerance, inequality, and advocate for diversity, striving for a more welcoming environment. I aspire to play a role in this proactive endeavor, initiating efforts to deconstruct obstacles, confront prejudices, and foster equal opportunities for everyone. By actively participating, I aim to be a catalyst for genuine transformation, empowering individuals to embrace their full potential.

· Diversity is the new "Normal" that's why I want to join the program. The good thing about inclusion is that each and every one of us can do her or his part and lead by example.

· Express my commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, sharing a positive signal of inclusion to a community I daily support.

· As I deem unfettered self-expression to be a pillar of societal and individual happiness.

· I took part in this initiative because I firmly believe that everyone should be free to express themselves, without fear of prejudice or discrimination. I believe that a photoshoot can be a great opportunity to celebrate equality, to show how wonderfully different we all are and therefore equally important.

· I grew up somewhere where society standards were not allowing for people to always feel comfortable in their own skin. Diversity wasn't something we experienced or we were educated to. I was lucky enough to be supported through my journey by my family and we quickly realised I had to leave and see the world. My bubble started getting larger and larger and the more I see and discover the more I become an advocate for full self-expression, body neutrality, respect of the other and pursue to become more inclusive and accepting as I possibly can. I'm supporting this incredibly project to show that there's no box we all fit in and to celebrate everyone's background.

· What better way to express ourselves and become a living manifesto of diversity and inclusion? Look at us! We are wonderfully different and we are absolutely gorgeous ⭐

· I took part to this project because as an individual, I embrace and celebrate diversity, including LGBTQ identities. Everyone deserves respect, acceptance and the freedom to live authentically without fear of discrimination or prejudice. I firmly believe in creating an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, feel valued, heard, and supported.

· I took part in the "What's your story" project cause diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make every day.

· Thanks for the reminder - I chose to be part of this amazing initiative to ensure I can represent, even with a small action, our LP of Strive to Be Earth’s Best Employer. Inclusion plays a big role into overall DEI sphere as it’s the starting point to ensure everyone feel included, proving a sense of belonging and value to what we are as individual. I chose to be an ally and committed every day to make a better inclusion environment where everyone can express their self in all form of shape.

· When it comes to self-understanding and self-acceptance nothing is taken for granted. Coming out is personal, but never one-sided, and over the years I have realised that coming out is not only for those who need to be authentically themselves. It is a matter of bonding, of strengthening, of discovering. I decided to put my face to it because on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, courage is (still) needed, and you know, love is the basis of every courageous act. // When it comes to self-understanding and self-acceptance, nothing should be taken for granted. Coming out is personal, but it is never just about one person. Over time, I realised that it is not just about being true to oneself, but about creating bonds, strengthening relationships and discovering new truths. I chose to come out because on the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, it takes courage (again) and you know, there is no courtship without love.

· Self-acceptance is crucial for LGBTQ+ individuals, but many face barriers to expressing their true selves, even in places like Italy. Creating an inclusive society is vital to ensure everyone can be authentic without fear of discrimination. it's essential for society to foster an environment of inclusivity, respect, and support for all identities, allowing everyone the freedom to be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

· I embraced this initiative because it represents the values I believe in: freedom of expression, liberty and empowerment of each individual!

· I like this initiative a lot! It allows me and us to showcase that the message of equality is not something only externally facing but it is something that we embrace as employees and as of people. Looking at the amount of people involved is very reassuring that these values are shared and ingrained in Amazonian.

· I chose to support Glamazon because I believe in inclusion, acceptance, love.

· photo made - i wanted to be part of it to "put my face" as i truly believe in supporting a diverse environment that recognizes and celebrates uniqueness.

· Not always are diversity and minorities welcomed and well-treated in the workplace. For years in my previous jobs, I didn't feel free to openly express myself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, often due to environments and leadership where interest in diversity was minimal. Amazon isn't a perfect company, but one of its greatest strengths is enabling every employee to fulfill their utmost potential regardless of belonging to a minority group, and I really feel that in Amazon, diversity is embraced and individuals to thrive no matter who they are!"

· I decided to participate in the initiative as an ally of the LGBTIQA+ community and given that, being an introverted person, I prefer initiatives that require little social battery. This was exactly something fitting me!

· Amazon is a company made up of people who are all different, unique, but at the same time bound by the same values of inclusiveness and support. Amazon is a company that leaves no room for marginalisation, discrimination or lack of acceptance of any form and is a place where it is fundamental to have the freedom to be oneself, inside and outside professional walls. I decided to be part of Glamazon because it emphasises this aspect every day, which I share, and through this photographic project you could show yourself, to support the cause and to show us in all our diversity, insecurities, and security as people, before than as colleagues, all united by a single idea, that of love and acceptance.

· As a gay Colombian living in Italy, navigating the intersections of my identity has been a constant journey. I’ve always struggled with the daily coming out and code switching to avoid attention, questions and microaggressions; but that doesn’t make me less proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. Joining the photoshoot is an unapologetically way of celebrating the journey that has led me here. It's a reminder to myself and others that our stories matter, our presence is powerful, and our pride knows no bounds.

· God bless the Queer. I have never truly believed in the illusion of biological gender. I have always considered that each of us has within ourselves both a feminine and a masculine side, and that in all initiatory schools, the 'ℜ𝔢𝔟𝔦𝔰' has always been the highest form of human evolution. The spiritual necessity to define polarity to then resolve it in unity with an alchemical process has always attracted me. Imagine the Tao in motion, what color would it be?

· As a father to a 3-year-old daughter, I've joined this initiative to advocate for a better and more inclusive society—one where she can thrive regardless of any barriers.

· Diversity is unique, and we all need to feel free to express it.

· I joined because I think that we should be the first to make up the world the way we want it to be, to be the person we would love to meet, to be the change we want to see, and inclusion is key for growing, learning, and getting better humankind.

· I am a Glamazon ally and always have been. Mine is a story of friendship, confrontation, support, listening, hugging, and defending. I do not tolerate injustice and inequality, but perhaps most of all I do not accept abuse. I would love to participate in this project to contribute to the celebration of diversity, inclusion, love and support by putting my face to it. I think every opportunity to be heard (and seen) is valuable and should be used as a megaphone to amplify the values and rights we believe in and defend. I feel like a privileged person to have never been bullied, excluded, insulted, or attacked, and I have often asked myself: what have I done to be 'saved' from this, and other people have not? Here the dramatic answer is nothing. So, at the very least, I would like to make this small gesture so that people who are excluded or feel they are being treated differently feel my support. The more we are, the stronger we are ❤

· What better way to represent diversity than to create this beautiful mosaic! Our diversity is our strength, our strategic value, which should inspire our teams and collaboration today and well into the future.

· I spent my childhood years not recognizing myself in the "standardized" little-girl gender role - I refused anything that seemed "girly" as it made me feel uncomfortable. Even though I grew up as a straight cis woman, I think that the freedom and support my parents gave me to express myself and just let me be during those years was crucial to grow solid and light-hearted.

· Knowing this type of support is not to be taken for granted - and that LGBTQ+ community still struggles to have its rights recognized in our country, I think that the minimum us allies can do is to stand for the recognition of these rights and to promote inclusion across all types of environments.

· What better opportunity than this to "put my face" for the cause?